Meditation is one of the most powerful tools by which to cultivate a more stable mind and an open heart. One of Amy’s clinical goals is for each patient to discover the influence of one’s own mind in managing stress and optimizing health. Meditation or mindfulness practices appropriate to each individual are regularly prescribed. When basic breathing meditation is recommended, in-clinic breathing instruction and exercises are included as part of your treatment program. And meditation is a lifestyle choice that offers benefits well beyond physical health. Spiritual and emotional health are restored through meditation. And with a more stable mind and open heart,  the stresses of life can be more easily managed. There are many meditation groups in different spiritual traditions throughout the greater Seattle area.

If you’re just starting out, explore to find out which one best fits your needs.

Review the Seattle Area Mindfulness Resources (1 pg. pdf) to learn about groups near you.

Check out Amy’s free weekly lunch hour meditation (1 pg. pdf) for downtown workers!



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